Air Block & AirBoard

  • Rainbow Air Track Board
  • Rainbow Air Track Board
  • Rainbow Air Track Board
  • Rainbow Air Track Board
Rainbow Air Track BoardRainbow Air Track BoardRainbow Air Track BoardRainbow Air Track Board

Rainbow Air Track Board

  • Material: PVC and drop stitch
  • Size: 1x0.6x0.2m(3.3ftx2ftx0.7ft)
  • REACH compliant
  • Use it in the gym, your garden, at the beach or in the water!
  • Product description: This AirBoard replaces the old fashioned springboard. This light weight air product can be used in many different ways! Using the foot pump, you can inflate it anytime, anywhere.

The Air Board is a lightweight spring board that is easy on the body and also helps prevent injuries as well
Big gymnastics mat for cheerleading,Martial artist,Acrobatics,Professional gymnastics training,Freerunning and Parkour etc.The Air floor is perfect for large groups and free movement. Everybody, young or old, recreational or professionals will have a blast on the Air floor!

Bright Color Air Boards

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Deluxe Rainbow Color Air Track Boards

Mini Air Board

Bouncy Air track Board

Inflatable Rainbow Air Track Board


Gaptoy Air Board is a versatile inflatable mat, with 10cm depth you get that extra spring. It’s lightweight and ease of inflation allows users to easily transport between the gym, home, or pretty much anywhere you like. This Air Board D10 measures 50cm x 1m x 10cm. Each Air Board comes fitted with Velcro strips. Either attach to your Hometrack for trialing additional skills (additional joining Velcro strips required), or use it as an individual piece, the choice is yours.

High Quality Material Specification

  • Side Walls / Lines: High grade extra 0.9mm matt PVC finish in a range of custom colours
  • Body: Reinforced 0.2mm drop stitch double wall fabric (DWF), brush finished.
  • DWF: 1000 denier
  • Glued seams: There is a lot of misunderstanding about “hand glued” PVC seams vs. “welded”. In fact, hand glued PVC is actually solvent-welded, whereas the other method is a heat-welded. Both methods result in a similar fusing of the membrane, however heat welded PVC may be more susceptible to damage from folding than hand glued, cold welded PVC.
  • UV Resistance
  • REACH compliant
  • CE Approved